2016 Recap

Walking in the vineyard at sunrise with clippers over the shoulder, hills in distance, fresh grass smell abounding

As so often happens in farming, the 2016 news was a mixture of good and bad. The bad news was we had no peaches to harvest due to a single night in February – Valentine’s Day, no less – when the temperature dropped to -13 degrees, and all of the peach buds were killed. Additionally, there were two nights of cold temps in April that compromised the apple crop; we lost approximately 40% of the apple crop in those two nights. Let there be no doubt that it takes a solid constitution, lots of resilience, and tons of patience and perseverance to succeed in farming.

The good news is that the grape crop was a good one! We focused on that to keep our spirits up. 


A video about the farm and winery was produced in 2015; we shared it all over the place in 2016 and added it here early in the year. Watch this AMAZING video to get a bird’s eye (drone’s) view of Glorie Farms and Glorie Farm Winery and also hear the back story from the farmer behind it all!

Muscat Sally


After two years of planning, we released a new wine called Muscat Sally. It’s made from 100% Valvin Muscat grapes and has incredibly enticing aromas of peach and apricot that translate into super delicious flavors on the palate. This is the wine that will essentially replace Sweet Caroline (although we will still make an occasional small batch of Sweet C. If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know when it is available.) Muscat Sally has been a huge hit, and we think we’ll be making it for a long time.

As we talked about possible names for this new wine, Wilson Pickett’s song “Mustang Sally” came to mind. From there it was a short jump to Muscat Sally and picturing a sophisticated cat riding around town in a hot car. We engaged local graphic artist Kaitlin Fitzgerald, gave her the basics, and she came up with a terrific label, classy and bold.


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